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Vampires! Fangs! Bites! Oh My!

Yes! We are a vampire crazy nation! Nothing wrong with it! But what is unusual is the extent of this craziness among our youth! Did you know that the latest craze among vampire lovers is to get permanent fangs?



Vampire Lindsay Lohan
No kidding! And actually the craze isn’t all new. Dentists were inundated with requests for permanent vampire veneers after Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt starred the movie “An Interview with a Vampire,” which was released more than a decade ago. Now the fad is back thanks to super hit book and movie series “Twilight.” Almost everyone is Team Edward and they can’t wait for everyone else to know it. If you don’t know what I am talking about, you have been living under a rock!For those of us who think that it’s just not enough to dress up like a vampire, know that being a vampire is all about the attitude. And what good is a vampire who can’t bite? Hence all the love and craze for permanent cosmetic dentistry fangs.The procedure is relatively simple. A wanna-be vampire needs to get in touch with our dentists who are willing to do the procedure. Together you will decide the size and placement of these fangs. It all depends on the look you are going for. You can get your bicuspids to look like tiny “natural” fangs, kind of like Avril Lavigne’s. Or you can get the Nosferatu treatment; I like to call them reverse rabbit vampire fangs! And for those vampires who all of sudden find themselves with a corporate job that they want to keep, the procedure is totally reversible! If your teeth have been properly taken care of, the dentist will able to return them to human condition within really fast!Tooth capping is a perfectly normal procedure that is regularly performed albeit without the vampire like teeth.So if you think you’d like to rock some of this Vampy naughtiness, get in touch with our dentists now!
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