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Extreme Fashion 101: Vampire Veneers

Get Ready To Get Your Fangs On!

Guess what is the latest beauty trend hitting the streets?

Custom Vampire Fangs TeethIf you guessed fuller eyebrows or neon colors, you are right. But we are here to talk about something even more extreme i.e. vampire fangs! Lady gaga has been spotted sporting some fantastic fangs during her concert performances and even her outings. Same goes for the raving beauty that is Rihanna. Riri is having bottom fangs custom made for her upcoming “You Da One” video. She has also been spotted wearing full vampire teeth during concert performances.

And then there are the huge following that movies and TV shows like Twilight and Vampire Diaries, and we have potential for a huge trend at our hands.

Of course things are being helped along by the huge advancements in dentistry. And many die-hard vampire lovers are busy booking their appointments with a dentist willing do get them vampire teeth implants and custom vampire veneers. The last Twilight movie is about to hit theaters real soon, and isn’t this just the best way to pay tribute a story that has captivated so many millions of hearts throughout the years?

We are not even going to discuss if it is worth all that hype; don’t go there! The fact remains that vamp fangs are now a part of the main stream fashion scene and soon will be witnessed all over runways and fashion shows.

According to some of the country’s leading dentists and dental technicians, they are being swarmed with requests to change innocent smiles into vampy ones with the help of customized fangs.

And guess who else has been making rounds to the dentists’ to get themselves some custom veneer cosmetic teeth shaped like fangs? None other than supermodel Heidi Klum! She is known for her outrageous Halloween costumes and is a big fan of vampire, cat-woman and wolverine themed costumes, all requiring some outrageous dental work. That is indeed interesting!

Our resident dentist is adamant that he is doing at least 8 cases of porcelain veneer shaped like fangs every single week!

Once you have decided to follow this trend, you will be introduced to world of designs and formations of vampire fangs. Even we didn’t know so many types and sizes of fangs existed, and we live for this stuff! You can request your dentist to have your top canines to be sharpened to a point like a vampires, you can have the neighboring teeth sharpened to for a more werewolf like effect, or if you are really feeling adventurous you can go for the “Nosferatu” effect and have the top front teeth topped off with sharp pointy veneers. Just think of the shock value alone and you know your money is well spent. People are bound to take notice once you open your mouth!

Getting vampire fangs is a huge commitment. Even though vampire veneers don’t do any damage to the gums or contort the bite for the long-term, they are still a lifestyle choice. Those who choose to go through the pain and expense of getting custom vampire fangs usually have more on their minds than just making a fashion statement.

Our advice is to test the waters using some cosmetic or stick-on fangs, and if you like the look, then go for it! Ain’t no one stopping ya!

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