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Temporary Vampire Teeth

Since you may not be ready to alter your teeth permanently to get your desired vampire fangs, we offer you these temporary vampire teeth. Just click on the product that you liked the most and you will be able to get that vampire look that you always wanted without any dental treatment.

Vampire Teeth

Apart from these false vampire teeth, you can also look into some beautiful contact lenses. These help you turn into some sexy, sultry vampire like the one we know from movies such as Underworld, an Interview with a Vampire and of course Twilight! And if you are really feeling the pull from the dark side, then be daring enough to get your lenses in with a larger sclera.

These can cover your entire eye and are perfect for those looking for a more spectacular effect. In fact, these are ones used in all vampire-themed movies, but work just as great when you want to really make an effect.
Vampire Lenses


Vampire Clothes

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