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Thinking Of Going All Vampy? Don’t Forget The Fangs!

Custom Vampire Fang Veneers So you have got your vampire costume ready, you’ve got the cape and the wig, and now you have the attitude reeking with the darkness that has been lurking inside of you. But what’s that? Plastic teeth with fangs bought from your local costume shop? Those seriously don’t go very well with the brooding darkness and mystery that is going on with you!So may we propose a better option?

Vampire veneers for teeth!

These custom fangs are made of porcelain and are actually caps to be fitted on top of your teeth. Your real teeth aren’t damaged, and these can be taken off in case you want to land a corporate job sometime in the future! So becoming human again won’t be huge problem!
Not only will you be able to complete the look, but since these are semi-permanent fixtures on top of your real teeth, you will be able to carry over your love for the vampiric lifestyle to your real life.

The devil is in the details, and that’s a solid fact! Just one thing missing from your costume can lead to ridicule from friends and fellow vampires. So why take a chance?The intrigue, lust and beauty that makes you fall in love with the creatures of the night deserves something more spectacular than plastic fangs! Whether you are fan of Ann Rice’s vampires, a twi-hard or appreciative of true-to-life Wiccan costumes, you will appreciate the realness and finesse of these custom vampire fangs.Now take a second and visualize yourself: the perfect getup complemented by the most beautiful set of veneers peaking from your mouth. This is what it means to be a vampire! Commanding everyone’s attention, fear, love, lust and respect!If you are wondering how much vampire teeth veneers are, then yes, these things are big financial commitments. But the good news is if you are insured, your insurance company may be willing to pick up some slack as far as the vampire veneers are concerned. The cost for the porcelain teeth caps will depend on how much work you want done on your teeth. A simple procedure to put pointy porcelain caps on your canines will cost somewhere around $200.So now you know that it is not necessary to be bitten to complete your transformation into a real vampire, it just takes a bit of money and a lot of dedication!
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