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Fashionable Fangs – Your Ticket In To the Darkness!

Vampires are evil, bloodthirsty, scary and very, very cute!

 Vampires of Twilight Saga Don’t believe me? Ask the hundreds, thousands of crying, screaming little girls who’d do anything to get a glimpse of Edward at the LA premiere of Twilight. He is quintessentially the 21st century vampire. Edward flies, reads mind, doesn’t drink human blood and is appreciative of family values.

And he has the smallest, prettiest vampire fangs.

Just enough to give him a bad boyish appearance, without making him appear too menacing. It’s like his fangs aren’t even there. And he has a very strong fan following among teen movie goers! So much so, that they are willing to get vampire teeth implants from their dentists. These porcelain veneers are permanent and just as good as our actual teeth.Yes, vampires have evolved a lot since Nosferatu and his pure evil ways.

Dental crowns are placed often by dentists. Only this time around the porcelain teeth caps are shaped like fangs. This is a better idea then getting dentures or those tacky plastic fangs available everywhere just in time for Halloween.

The wearer never has to worry about them falling off or being uncomfortable.

But if you think that these fangs are for people with alternative lifestyles, then you’d be surprised how many suburban kids are into this look. And what’s best is that despite being permanent they can be removed by a simple procedure at the dentists.

If you think that this trend is for you, then you need to book an appointment with our cosmetic dentists who is good at making vampire veneers. They will assess your situation and give you different options for vampire fangs that will look good at you. But remember that these aren’t kiddo fangs; your teeth will need all the care that is important.

So what do you think? Cute, crazy or simply too scary?

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