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Fancy a Bite Of This Vampire Fad?

I have a few friends who are dentists too, and as far as this latest trend is concerned, we are all surprised to say the least!For the past decade that we have been practicing, people came to a dentist to get their teeth flattened, rounded or to have the edges softened. But lately, the fashion has been to keep them sharpened almost to a point. But no, it doesn’t just stop there. Dentists are now asked for fangs! Full-out, bone piercing, long and pointy, vampire-like fangs! True Blood Vampires
I guess we can thank Hollywood for bringing vampires into the mainstream!

It used to be that only people following a certain kind of lifestyle wanted permanent cosmetic fangs. But now we have movie-lovers of every age walking in to the clinics, willing to discuss the type of fangs that they want to sport.And well, it is a lot better to get vampire veneers through a cosmetic dental treatment than to have your actual teeth sharpened. During the treatment, a dentist puts porcelain teeth caps shaped like fangs on top of your actual teeth. And while they remain in the mouth permanently, a dentist can easily remove these as well, once you tire of being a vampire. Now isn’t this a better way of becoming a vampire? I mean, otherwise, you will have to wait around for an actual vampire to bite you!

A usual vampire transformation requires the tooth capping to be performed on canines. Another popular choice for fangs is the bicuspids. But the choice is up to you so you will have to decide together with our dentist about the best options for your vampire-like aesthetic beauty.

So what do you think? Is it cool to have a custom-designed smile fashioned after your favorite carnivore? Or are you passing up on this trend?

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