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Metal Vampire Crowns

Metallic fangs are in!

Dentists use metal crowns all the time. These are usually intended to repair decayed teeth and to prevent any further decaying. And now you can get metal vampire crowns!

If you have these problems then not only can we fix you up with teeth crowns made out of metals but we will shape them like fangs. These metal vampire crowns will be custom made to your specifications and will fit the exact shape and size of your teeth.

So What Kind Of Metals Are We Talking About?

We use gold, silver and palladium to crate your new fangs. Your choice really! All these metals are long-lasting and look really amazing in the mouth! Metal Vampire crowns can also be made from a combination of these and porcelain veneers. You will need to come in and meet our dentists to figure out the best metals for your fangs!

Won’t These Be Toxic and Hurt Me in the Long-Term?


You might have some local irritation if the metal crowns come in contact with some tissue. But there won’t be any long-term damage or other issues sue to the metal vampire crowns. The science for metal crowns has been around for a long time. Some seniors have 20-30 year old metal crowns still in perfectly good condition.

We use the best, most reliable metals for the procedure. And 99.99% of those who get these crowns all over America are perfectly fine. Gold, Palladium and Silver are precious metals and don’t cause toxicity no matter how long they remain in your mouth. But you will still need to brush regularly and practice caution when drinking.

Why Are These Metals The Best Choice?

Metal vampire crowns are strong and very difficult to loose or damage. If you are getting these, a lot less too structure will need to be removed when installing these and tooth wear will remain a minimum despite maximum usage. Metal vampire crowns will be able to endure through biting and chewing and won’t wear down easily. Another great thing about metal crowns is we have never had any complains of them chipping or breaking away.

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