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Dental Vampire Crowns

We know teeth!

And we know how to get your smile to be sexy, creepy and bone chillingly beautiful at the best prices.

We have been installing dental vampire crowns for over a decade now and nobody knows how to do it better than us! So you can always trust our experience to provide you with the best in services and prices.

Vampire Crown Sizing:

We make vampire crowns in every size imaginable. But the ones most requested are our “Natural Fangs”. If you have normal, regular-sized teeth then even these natural ones will look very “unnatural” on you. If you want an idea of the size, think Tom Cruise’s Character in “An Interview with a Vampire”. So this style is noticeable and yet isn’t very overpowering. No wonder it is our best seller!

And don’t worry if you have smaller or larger teeth. All our vampire crowns are made according to the client’s modifications. For custom sizing please come on over any time and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.

What is a Crown Anyway?

Crowns, also known as caps, are placed over an existing tooth. This may be done to hide unsightly or bad teeth. But we do it to hide your existing teeth under fangs. So the crowns we use are shaped like vampire teeth. These can be made of several different materials. You can choose your fangs to look exactly like your other teeth. This means will custom match your new dental vampire crowns to the color of your teeth. You can also choose to have them made out of a metal. How bad-ass are Gold fangs?

Isn’t there any other Way of Getting My Fangs?

Yes there are plenty of other ways. But this is by far the best one. The reason so many people choose to get dental vampire crowns is because it is the least hurtful of all the ways. We will NOT drill in your mouth. We will NOT take out any teeth. There won’t be any painful procedures involved… at all! And despite the permanence of the vampire crowns you can replace them with ordinary crowns when you decide to become human again.

The only better way of getting vampire fangs is getting bit by a vampire. And we all know how hard it is to find a real vampire these days!

So, this is the absolute best way of getting your fangs.

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