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Vampires! Fangs! Bites! Oh My!

Yes! We are a vampire crazy nation! Nothing wrong with it! But what is unusual is the extent of this craziness among our youth! Did you know that the latest craze among vampire lovers is to get permanent fangs?   Yep! No kidding! And actually the craze isn’t all new. Dentists were inundated with requests […]

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Fashionable Fangs – Your Ticket In To the Darkness!

Vampires are evil, bloodthirsty, scary and very, very cute!   Don’t believe me? Ask the hundreds, thousands of crying, screaming little girls who’d do anything to get a glimpse of Edward at the LA premiere of Twilight. He is quintessentially the 21st century vampire. Edward flies, reads mind, doesn’t drink human blood and is appreciative […]

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Now You Don’t Have to Find a Vampire Willing to Bite You!

You know what looks real cheesy? Those plastic fangs bought from the local costume shop. These can seriously cramp your style, especially when you are trying to go for the scary yet impressive look. The plastic fangs can transform anyone into a Dracula wannabe! If that’s the effect you are going for, then that’s fine! […]

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Bite Like You Mean It!

Hollywood has already banked on the blood suckers! And now it’s your turn to get your vampiness on! You have the cat suits and capes and are looking for the right accessories to complement your vampire getup. Try our suggestion! Get your own set of vampire fangs! No! We are not talking about the plastic […]

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Thinking Of Going All Vampy? Don’t Forget The Fangs!

So you have got your vampire costume ready, you’ve got the cape and the wig, and now you have the attitude reeking with the darkness that has been lurking inside of you. But what’s that? Plastic teeth with fangs bought from your local costume shop? Those seriously don’t go very well with the brooding darkness […]

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Extreme Fashion 101: Vampire Veneers

Get Ready To Get Your Fangs On! Guess what is the latest beauty trend hitting the streets? If you guessed fuller eyebrows or neon colors, you are right. But we are here to talk about something even more extreme i.e. vampire fangs! Lady gaga has been spotted sporting some fantastic fangs during her concert performances […]

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