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A Vampire Is Nothing Without His Bite!

Nicely put together, charming, gentlemanly and all decked out in designer duds!

This is what the vampire image has graduated to. The simplest reason for this is the increased romanticism of these fanged creatures in our movies. Over the years, vampires have been made over from monstrous creatures into romantic characters like those from Vampire Diaries. No wonder everyone wants to try their hand at becoming a vampire. But beware; the lifestyle is not for everyone. The attitude, fangs and costumes, everything about vampires requires dedication. Still vampire following has increased steadily throughout the years.

remember Nosferatu?

remember Nosferatu?

We think part of the appeal is the bite! No really, think about it for a minute! What would a vampire be if it didn’t bite right on the neck? Sort of like a kiss-really gentle up until the end. And then a bit of pain followed by an exchange of life between the vampire and its victim – life being depicted by the blood! This bad boy image with the romantic inflection is just one of the reasons why people have been enthralled and mesmerized by the whole idea of vampirism for centuries. And no wonder people want to pay homage to vampires by giving them more prominence in their own lives. There are huge covens filed with people wanting to take part in the vampiric lifestyle. And then there are those of us who treat it just as a passing fancy by dressing up as blood-lovers on Halloween and other occasions. A huge part of the vampire sensuality is the fangs!Wanna-be vampires can get vampire teeth crowns or veneers. Getting them is just like getting fang-shaped pointy caps put on your canines or bicuspids or on any other teeth in your mouth depending on your preferences and your favorite vampires as well. Cosmetic vampire teeth cost differently. Come in for a free consultation for your “Dracula” pair. And the best part about these porcelain teeth caps is that they are permanent till you want them to come off.

Getting the bad-boy vampire image is now possible without the painful plastic fangs.

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